Peer Review

Peer Review


USD 500$ per each reviewer. You can choose up to 5 reviewers. (for example, if you choose 3 reviewers,
you will pay USD 1,500$(+10% VAT will be added.)
(Re-review: 60% of the initial review)

Please send us all relevant documents:

i. Manuscript file (including title, abstract, references)
ii. Supporting or supplementary information, including figures and/or tables
iii. The history of your paper: has it been rejected? If so, from which journal and when? (reviewers' and journal editor's comments)
iv. First review or re-review?

  • 하리스코 약정대학현황
  • "학술논문교정 실적 세계1위, 국내 100여개 대학약정, 500여개 학회약정"

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